Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Youtubers are the new celebrities?

Coming back on the topic of The Internet vs Real Life. This morning, I watched one of my favorite Youtubers, Sprinkle of Glitter a.k.a. Louise. She made a little film about being so popular that she can't wrap her head around it. It's about this video:

She'd been to a Youtube convention recently and I've seen several vlogs of that convention and it scared the crap out of me.

So many people screaming like she was Beyonce (hell, she's just as fierce!), but I just thought about Louise and how she would feel. I wouldn't be able to do that.

But that got me thinking. In the old days, we had MTV, the Backstreet Boys, East17, but also actors like Jonathan Taylor Thomas or even the Beatles. But that's nothing compared to these people.

In Joe Graceffa's video it shows how crazy these things can get (at around 3:45 in the video).

With Youtube it's even more strange, because you chose to watch these videos. You don't see these people on tv (well, not in Holland anyway), you don't hear them on the radio. One day, you just find them on Youtube and you keep following them. I started with Zoe from Zoella, and from her videos I found Louise and other people.

I love watching these videos, and I'm even going to a book signing from one of Holland's most succesful bloggers (Mascha Feokistova), but I don't know if I would scream like the people in the video. Yes, I would be a little shy to meet them for the first time, but I always try to remember that they're people too. I don't think I would approach these people if I'd ever see them on the street (then again, I'm known not to even see them, I'm so in my own world most of the time), because they're in their private time.

The fame seems to have shifted from the tv and radio world to the internet world and I can imagine that the people that upload videos are not really used to getting the attention like that! I would totally freak out if that were me. 

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